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Different Strokes for Different Folks

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Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds bringing a range of skills and aptitudes.
Fremantle Sea Rescue’s team is carefully managed to ensure its highly skilled rescue teams are backed up by a recruitment and training program that ensures manpower resources are kept at an optimum level.

Being a volunteer at Fremantle Sea Rescue means you will be directly involved with looking after marine rescue services in the Swan and Canning Rivers and the coastal strip from City Beach to the north end of the Cockburn Sound extending to Rottnest Island and beyond.

The Roles

All boat volunteers start as Deck Trainees and work their way up through Deck Crew to Senior Crew and First Mate. When a vacancy becomes available, skippers are selected from the Senior Crew and First Mate ranks.

Volunteers who wish to serve as boat crew also assist operations in our very busy radio communications tower. Some volunteers choose radio work exclusively. Mid-week availability is also helpful.

Volunteering with Fremantle Sea Rescue is a rewarding and challenging experience. Due to the large area we cover, we operate on a shift basis at weekends. In the summer months we can be very busy, often conducting 10 or more rescues in a single day, sometimes in rough conditions.

Please note that we have a minimum age requirement of 18 years.

What we can offer you

In return for your time and effort we offer national recognised training courses, high levels of seamanship, marine radio and first aid training. The minimum time commitment we require is three half days per month and attendance at monthly training sessions.

Advanced training courses are available following an initial qualification period and acceptance as a full member of the group. Social events are run throughout the year, and our members often participate in activities at many of affiliated yacht clubs in the Perth area.

The Recruitment Process

Once you express interest in becoming a volunteer, your inquiry is acknowledged and your details put on file. When a date is set for an Information Evening we will notify you. Since recruitment is based on our manpower needs the time frame for this is not fixed.

Applications completed at the Information Evening are then assessed taking into account availability, and potential commitment. An interview process follows and, subject to acceptance, recruits commence training as part of a group intake.

The Next Step

If you wish to register your interest in the becoming a volunteer, please complete the short Volunteer Sign-Up Form.