Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue

How to log on and log off

Log On

Call us up on VHF ch.73 or 27Mhz ch.90.

Please tell us:

  • 1. Your call-sign: either an 'FG' number or boat registration
  • 2. Your point of departure - yacht club, ramp etc
  • 3. Your precise destination - eg Longreach Bay
  • 4. The number of people on board
  • 5. Your expected time of arrival

If you are going diving we now always ask for GPS coordinates, regardless if someone is staying behind on the boat.

Log Off

Please remember to log off.

If you forget to do so from the boat, simply call us on 08 9335 1332.

Why is this important?

Someone is expecting you

Accidents are rare, but engine or electronics failures are common.
If something happens and you don't log off, we will respond quickly.

You can help us

We often rely on members to relay radio messages for stricken boats. If you have logged on as being in the right area, you might play a crucial role in assisting us.

It is private

We do not share our radio log with anyone.*

Why not?

Tell us, tell your friends, tell your neighbour.
If you are travelling at sea, the more people that know the better.
Give others the same information you would give us, ensure they know to call us and when.

*If you are not a Sea Rescue member the only way to trace you is via your boat registration number, and therefore via Water Police. Being a member of Sea Rescue means we can quickly access your contact details and vessel information from our own private database.